Ambulance Booking

Medical emergency can occur anytime, anywhere. We are offering best road ambulance services in Delhi/NCR. Our doctors and paramedical teams are ready 24x7 hours to handle all medical emergencies. In order to offer the maximum safety to the patient’s life all ambulance has all the emergency and life-saving equipment like.

We provide two types of ambulances; you can select one as per your requirement.

First is the Basic Life Support Ambulance. It has general equipment like oxygen, stethoscope, equipment to check the blood pressure, etc. This ambulance is best for transfer of patients in nearby areas.

The second one is Advanced Life Support Ambulance which is also called Cardiac Care Ambulance. It contains a defibrillator, ECG, ventilator, etc. Advanced Life Support is required in a condition like severe attacks- asthma & heart stroke, unconsciousness, unstoppable bleeding, etc.

We provide our services in Delhi/NCR on one click or call. 

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